Digital Blueprint Set - SUNY Purchase VA Bldg Phase 1 - Issued for Bid

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A Digital Copy and Specs of SUNY Purchase VA Bldg Phase 1 - Issued for Bid

There are 11 files for the drawings & there are 2 Volume files for specs.

There is a total of 13 files.

11/3/21 - Full Set Uploaded

11/23/21 - Addendum 1 added

12/2/21 - Addendum 2 added

12/16/21 - Addendum 3 added


Customers have the option to Purchase a (1) FULL SIZE PRINTED SET & Specs for $49.00 + tax + shipping.

Aresco has the abilit to print full sets or partial sets. Any additional FULL sets will be charged at normal price ($350.00 includes specs). If you would like to purchase a PRINTED SET, Please CALL ARESCO and ask for a set, and please provide your address and payment info. (516) 433-7440

Bid Envelopes are the customers responsibility to aquire.  They can be picked up for free at Aresco in Hicksville or Shipped from Aresco via standard UPS rates.


Plan Holder Log

Planholder's Log                        
The information below will be published on the Fund's website as a PDF.                        
            Address                                                                 (please note: UPS will not ship to PO Boxes)                            
Set # Ship Date Shipped to: Bidder Sub / other Street City State Zip Code Phone Fax E-mail                        
1-5    SUCF Coordinator - 5 Full size drawings + 5 Specs (Confirm count with SUCF)   x 353 Broadway  Albany NY #### (518) 689-2619 (518) 689-2635                          
(partial)   SUCF Coordinator - 5 (five)  unbound partial project manuals with only everything up to including division 1. Also include wage rates and front and back covers.                                                                                    x 353 Broadway  Albany NY ####   (518) 689-2635                          
6-7   Campus Contact - 2  size drawings + 2 Specs (Confirm Count with Campus)   x                                      
8   SUCF Commissioning Agent - 1 Full size drawings + 1 Spec (Confirm count with SUCF)   x             email                        
9   SUCF Construction Manager-  1 Full size drawings + 1 Spec (Confirm Count with SUCF)   x                                      
  11/3 - DL Sea Breeze General Construction, Inc. X           7187219030                        
  11/3 - DL Maric Plumbing & Heating, Inc. x           7185651525                        
  11/3 - DL DYNAMIC US INC X           9143122400                        
  11/5-DL Infinity Contracting x                             
  11/5-DL Consigli Construction Co. x           9782704592                        
  11/9 Central Mechanical Systems, Inc.

  11/5-DL Mengler Mechanical, Inc. x           8452797029                        
  11/10-DL Tameer In x                             
  11/10- DL M&J ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS CORP x                             
  11/10-DL Malta Enterprises, Inc. x                             
  11/11-DL Stalco Construction, Inc. X                             
  11/11-DL ultimate power inc   x                           
  11/11-DL Sajiun Electric Inc.   x    

  11/12-DL SIBA CONTRACTING CORP   x         2129617699                        
  11/15-DL R.A.M.S. Mechanical, Inc.   x                           
  11/15-DL Benchmark Construction Group Inc.   x                           
  11/15-DM All-Con Contracting X                             
  11/23 - DL Tomco Mechanical X                             
  11/23 Construct Connect   x                           
  11/29 SOUTHEAST MECHANICAL CORPORATION   x                           
  11/29 Framan Mechanical Inc. x                             
  11/29 UNIQUE DUCT DESIGN CORP                               
  12/2 Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.   x                           
  12/6 New Style Contracting x                             
  12/12 Niram, Inc. x                             
  12/28 ACS System Associates, Inc.   x             ESTIMATING@ACSSYSTEM.COM                        
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