Canon Features Aresco for an upcoming Video!

Canon Features Aresco for an upcoming Video!

July 12th 2018

Canon, working with Mastershot Films in Brooklyn came to Aresco to do the final segment of short film that Canon is shooting.  The film is expected to educate, and create excitement for Canon wide Format Products within the corporation internally and externally to customers, and dealers.

Aresco was chosen as the Technical Dealer to complete the fourth section of the video. Aresco was chosen for a few different reasons. Aresco is a dealer that has high sales, and focus' their dealership around servicing their customers.  Aresco uses Canon equipment in house, and they a level of integrity and experience that Canon was looking for to talk about the Imageprograf product-line.

Canon came into Aresco's showroom, set up multiple cameras, lights, and audio systems using a 10 person crew.  They also had a professional photographer documenting the occasion, and a professional makeup artist. Canon had it's camera's on two members of the Aresco crew.  They  first focused on Todd Loeffler, the company President.  He spoke about the relationship with Canon and why they are Aresco's preferred vendor.  Then they interviewed Denny Mezzapesa, Aresco's Operations Manager.  They interviewed him for a little over 3 hours.  They discussed the technical aspects of the Canon TX 3000 MFP, and other printers from the Imageprograf product-line. They discussed the vendor/dealer relationships, and how that translates into dealer/customer relationships.  They spoke in detail about some of the new features of the TX 3000, and why it is a great product in the Aresco portfolio.

The shoot was a great success, and we look forward to sharing the video with everyone in the 4th quarter.  Please see our story on instagram.

Jul 25th 2018 Aresco

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