Service and Repairs

Service & Repairs


Aresco Break Fix - Time & Materials

Service Contracts will be offered to every customer that purchases a machine through Aresco, when the warranty period ends for the machine. When the warranty is over, The customer owns the right to decline the service contract.  If the customer doesn't have a contract, They will be placed on a standard time and materials rate.  These prices are discounted 20% off if the customer orders their supplies through Aresco.  If the customer does not, they will be billed at standard rates.


Aresco Service Contracts

Service Contracts will be offered to every customer that purchases /leases a machine through Aresco, when the warranty period ends for the machine.
Service Contracts are offered customers who own / lease a machine that are still active in the manufacturers product line.  In some cases, contracts may have be refused based on the condition of the machine, footage of the machine, and/or if the machine is discontinued from making parts or hardware from the manufacturer.
Each machine offers different brackets of service.  We will help find your company the appropriate bracket to help you avoid overage charges, and maintain minimal costs.  Please note that the contract covers all hardware issues causing the machine to fail.  The service contracts cover all parts and labor, except consumables, and software.  Software and adding clients work stations are not considered part of the service contract.   Any overage charges is billed by the square foot and varies per contract. Some customers may have the right to certain flexibility in contracts. Customers that are not covered under a  service contract must send in a request to be approved for a service contract.  The machine in question, may need parts to become service contract eligible. An Aresco service tech will diagnose the machine, and determine what parts are needed to make the machine eligible.
Service contracts are discounted heavily to customers who purchase their supplies through Aresco.  Aresco will honor our competitive supplies program throughout the life of the contract.
Having a Service contract ensures that your machine will run like new for the life of he Contract.


Aresco All Inclusive Plans

Did you know that Aresco offers an all inclusive plan for our entire inventory of wide format machines we sell? What exactly is an “all inclusive plan?” An all inclusive plan is simply a program that covers all your machines costs and rolls them into one payment. With this plan you are billed one payment each month and all you pay is one payment each month. All toner, paper, service and machine costs are included. Your office manager orders what paper they need or a replacement toner and those items are immediately shipped to you. No need to worry about four different bills.

Be sure to ask an Aresco sales associate for details on this great plan.