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Company History:

Aresco started out selling drafting supplies in 1960. The ammonia blue print machines had just hit the market. Aresco was selling and servicing the latest blueprint machines from Dietzgen, Diazit, Roto-lite and Bruning. The Aresco warehouse was stocked with blue line paper. rag vellum,  Mylar film and of course ammonia.


After a few years the business began to grow and so did the Aresco product line. Kroy lettering machines, Plan-hold and Safco drafting tables and flat files. Chart-pak transfer letters, K&E lettering guides, ink for drafting pens.


The next step forward would be the introduction of the computer in the office. Calcomp and Hp would introduce pen plotters that would print direct from the computer eliminating the need to manually draw the project. This opened up a new chain of supplies that would include pen points, inks, cleaning solutions, as well as service.


It was the early 1980's and Ink jet printing technology became a constant in the wide format industry. Ink jet printers were now using cartridges instead of pens and roll paper instead of feeding cut sheets. This was a break through in the industry.  It helped eliminate the cleaning of plotter pens and greatly enhances the out put of projects.


The blueprint industry wasn't done changing yet.  The use of ammonia machines was losing popularity with some customers because of the extreme odors that came with the machine when copying.  Xerox was the first to invent a copier that can copy a solid original. The XEROX 2510  Blueprint Copier was released in 1986.  Aresco was one of the first dealers in New York to partner with Xerox and sell the new product.  The 2510 was a great success, and Aresco became 1 of 12 dealers on Long Island and New York City selling the product.


Xerox would modify this product over the next few years by improving technology, and add new product to the market too. Xerox released the 30xx series by adding roll feeding options, multiple roll drawers, and the ability to make multiple copies of an original now.


Aresco would see a change in the work place from drafting tables to computers with drawing tablets and plotters. Digital Laser plotters were released into the industry in the early 1990's.  These units were two pieces, a scanner and a plotter.  They would be able to copy, print, and scan.


By 1996, Xerox cut it's dealers back in the Long Island area because of Aresco's successful sales.  Aresco became the sole dealer in the NYC, LI area for the next ten years.


In 2005, Aresco's growth was putting them into a position to becoming the largest Wide Format Xerox dealer in the nation. Year after year growth, and satisfied customers was the reason Aresco was in the Top 3 in the nation year after year.



In 2006, Aresco was one dealers that Xerox beta tested, and used to get information on to create the Xerox 6204.  Their first single footprint digital copier/plotter. In 2007 Aresco had the highest volume of 6204's sold in the nation.


In 2008-2009 Aresco became the Largest dealer in the NATION!  This was because of the success of the 6204, and Aresco understood what customer service is about.


2010 - We celebrate our 50th anniversary!

Whenever a customer calls Aresco, someone will always answer the phone.  One on One personalized service is something that is very important when dealing with customers.  Aresco understands that every customer is different, and will work hard to treat each customer's case differently.



Give us a try and you’ll see why we are Xerox’s #1 wide format servicing dealer since there very first machine in 1986. Aresco has a team of factory trained technicians and customer service reps. Visit our showroom or see us online we would be proud to service your company.





Our goal at Aresco is to provide Architectural and Engineering drafting supplies and wide format solutions to design professionals through state of the art technology and service. Our proficient sales staff will guide you through our extensive product line in order to ensure you make the best decision and investment for your business. Our expertly skilled and certified technicians provide top-notch service and the highest level of customer service.

After 50 years in business we are as committed as ever to providing the architectural, engineering and reprographic industries with top quality products, solutions  and services.

Are you tired of the traditional slow blueprinting copy process? Are you fed up with outsourced printing costs and the inability to print on demand? Has your engineering copier technician ever promised to “be there tomorrow”, while you watch tomorrow come and go without even a call?

Let Aresco provide solutions to your problems with a new line of innovative engineering copiers, plotters and scanners that boast technology designed to keep your company ahead of the curve. Once you’re ahead, we’ll help you stay there by providing excellent service during and after your sales experience.