Canon TZ 30000 reviewed by IDC technologies

With all the new hype and excitement surrounding the new Canon TZ 30000, Canon decided to put it to the test.

IDC Technologies in California assigned Tim Greene, Research Director, Hardcopy Solutions to the task.
Tim Greene is a Research Director within IDC's Hardcopy Solutions group. Greene is responsible for coverage
of the large format printing, 3D printing, and digital signage markets. Greene's research and insights help
companies in these areas understand and take action on digital transformation of their business. Greene
joined IDC in 2014.

They analyzed all aspects of the machine and created an independent review of the product.  Needless to say, the machine got amazing reviews.

"A potential game changer in wide format" was the title!

Please see the full report here


Canon TZ 30000 office photo_ Aresco

Apr 9th 2021 Denny Mezzapesa

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